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[IP] Blue jays ??

Sure wish I had blue jays !!
Yes, I was the one that posted the "you are what you eat" message.
I have never had trouble being a veg nor had insulin trouble other than
being low a lot.
Big troubles there.
You are right though.
We are all here to learn and make best decisions for ourselves.  We have
Thank goodness !!!  Or God.
I am off too.  Many animals to care for.

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In a message dated 9/2/2003 9:59:58 AM Alaskan Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:
> Thanks a bunch !!  Just thought it was pertinent info !!!
> And, in regard to fruits, vegetables,  " you are what you eat", etc..   I
> a vegetarian.
> Thank you sharing your knowledge.

Glad I could help.

LOL, I didn't start the one about you are what you eat, but I was referring
(in my post about being a pig) not really to pork, just that we live in a
 society where supersized fast food meals, jumbo drinks, and all you can eat
are prevelent. That was more of what was on my mind, that is is not good to
'pig out' on a regular basis.

In fact, I have gone the vegetarian route in the past, but found that is
 wasn't quite right for me, though I love vegetables, I do not do well on
choices (hence, I have realized my inexpensive dinner the other night of
beans and rice, cost me a lot in insulin). I actually do a lot better,
 energy wise, etc, on fuits, veggies and animal proteins, than I do on
vegetarian type proteins. I do still aim to use more 'whole foods' type of
 foods rather than processed/packaged stuff, but, I won't shun a can of
if the urge hits <grin>. I think if you are able to go vegetarian, that is
 wonderful, but just like there are various religions, and religious
are various styles of eating and meal plans and you have to do what is best
for YOU!
Ok, nuf said, I am going to go chase a bluejay (who is digging in my flower
Tina H.
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