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[IP] RE: FW: Paradigm Upgrade org

Well, I only relate them implicitly because I change both at the same time.  
 You're correct that a reservoir change can be done completely separately from a
set change.  I just find it convenient to change both at the same time.  I 
 guess I really should consider changing this habit to save my insurance company
money.  I could just as easily change the reservoir every OTHER infusion set 
change, and spend half as much on reservoirs. 

I guess the point is that if you are changing your set every 2 1/2-3 days as 
recommended, then going through a reservoir in 2 1/2 to 3 days is no big deal 
and, in fact, kind of "enforces" a set change.  Once the reservoir is empty, 
you could just as easily refill the reservoir and just change out the infusion 
set.  But, if the reservoir lasted 5 days (without refill), then you would be 
less likely to do the infusion set change as recommended not only by MM, but 
medical professionals.  


>Ryan:  Why do you keep relating site changes to reservoir changes?
>It may not be medically recommended to change sites beyond three days, but it
>has nothing to do with the  the refilling of the reservoir.
>Minimed likes to tell you that you shouldn't use a cartridge or reservoir for
>longer than three days.  The best answer I received when I asked why not? "The
>lubricant in the cartridge dries up.
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