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Re: [IP] Re: Minimed letter about Paradigm

  I have not received this letter, but I did call customer service to ask 
about it. They said that they are now advising people not to submerge the 
 paradigm in water, but not to panic if it gets splashed. They said that they
 been receiving lots of calls about people's pumps getting water into them. They
said the engineers decided that it is no longer watertight.  Something about 
the casing getting cracks in it over time.  There has been a lot of complaints 
over the summer about people's pumps NOT being watertight.  They are trying 
to improve this.  If anyone has a problem, they will send out a replacement, 
 but are strongly recommending not getting it in the water. Since I am stubborn,
I will continue to swim with my pump until I notice a problem, because I have 
had no problems so far and I swim almost daily.  You should be receiving the 
letter shortly.  They have already began to send them out.
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