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[IP] Also Back from vacation

 I too just got back from a much shorter vacation (1-week). After reading
Summers e-mail, I wanted to report that my pump too died within the first 24
hours of being on the beach :o(. Water got into it too and it just died
(actually it would not recognize the buttons I was pressing and then went into
buttons error or something like that and then it shot itself and started with
the alarms.)

 I was in Barbados and called on Friday ~6pm to minimed collect when I was
trying to bolus for my dinner. They said that it is dead and to go ahead and
disconnect after carefully asking me if I had brought my syringes. Well, since I
had passed the deadline to get it out on Friday, they could not ship out until
Monday because it would be an international shipment. I would not get it until
Wednesday (due to customs) and I was leaving on Thursday.

 I was very thankful that I had a backup plan and had gotten the Lantus
prescription and had brought it with me. I guess I just had that feeling (I
decided to call my endo the week before I left to get the prescription and went
and got two bottles of Lantus.)

 Long story short, Barbados was great but I did not see anything under 130 for
the whole week. It was my first time on Lantus and I think my endo gave me a
dosis that was too small (half my humalog pump basal.) I increased by 1u every
night but still was all over the place. All in all, I was injecting ~6 times per
day. That made me really appreciate pumping!!!

One thing, that I do have a question on:
 Does insulin have an effect on the pigmentation of the skin? I have a lot of
white dots in my belly (the only place where I inject with syringes.) I wear a
two peace bathing suit so my belly was some what tanned, but I have tons of
small white dots. I can tell it had to do with the insulin because I had some
marks from some of the injections that did no go in too well, and the white mark
is concentric to the pin size syringe mark.

 Well, if you know about it, let me know. I was very surprised to see that
reaction. Don't know if this is YMMV or something that is well known.

 It is good to be back. I am very behind on e-mail still. I am sending my pump
back and am demanding an explanation (the new pump was waiting for me when I
arrived.) After one night on the pump I was back at 90 when I woke up. I had
sent my original pump back before my vacation because it looked like it was not
well sealed. Well, the one they sent in replacement seemed to be the one with
the problem. I just do not understand how a watertight/waterproof pump can get
water in?????

 Well, I am still very upset about it. Injections in general are horrible, but
going to injections on your vacation was just awful. All that great food and
great desserts. I had not gone on real vacation for 4 years (pre-diabetes) and I
was really looking forward to this one since I had my watertight pump with me.

 Can other paradigm users tell me if their pumps have successfully worked on
days at the beach or pool. I spent most of my day in the water (shallow part).
Never submerged it more than 3-4 feet if that (I had it in my waste or bra) and
never for more than 1hour at the time.

dx'd 2/11/02 pumping since 6/02 (MM's 511 Paradigm)
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