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Re: [IP] Fw: Paradigm upgrade

I'm sorry...I was just giving my opinion/recommendation of the Paradigm.  I 
wasn't attempt to make any comparison to other pumps or their companies.  I am 
 simply giving my recommendation for the Paradigm. Each pump has its advantages
and disadvantages, and you can argue over them 'til you're blue in the face. 
Animas has advantages, Paradigm has advantages, Cozmo has advantages.  

But, if you are talking just about the Paradigm, I would highly recommend it.  
Individual tastes for features/benefits of each pump must be weighed on a case 
by case basis.  For me, I felt the size of the pump to be of utmost 
importance.  The Paradigm was (and still is to my knowledge) the smallest pump 
available, and frankly, I wish it were smaller!  :-)

I'm not sure why so many want to resort to "pump wars" on this site.  I'm very 
glad there are several pump companies available.  I don't begrudge anyone 
 choosing whatever pump suits them best. What I do NOT like is anyone bashing a
pump company without just cause.  On this site, MM gets the most bashing 
without just cause.  (Yes, there is some bashing WITH just cause as well, but 
mostly I see bashing WITHOUT just cause.)


P.S.  I hope the flavor of ice cream is Premium Homemade brand Serious 
Chocolate...that is the absolute BEST ice cream in the world for chocolate 
lovers, IMHO.

>No,  I change my site every 2.5 to 3.5 days.   I change my cartridge 
>and tubing every 6 to 8 days depending on the flavor of ice cream 
>available.     ;>)
>My point was the expense (and extra work) of the Paradigm.   Using 
>Sils/Comforts so an equal comparison could be made and using the 
>2-1/2 day change out of the SET to stay comparable, your cost would 
>be $2058.60 per year.   My cost would be $1719.15 a year.   A cost 
>difference of almost $340 and that is assuming that I don't change 
>less often than every 2.5 days.   My actual costs are closer to 
>$1650.   But lets do an EXACT comparison;  your yearly cost on 
>Paradox $2058.60; your yearly cost on Animas $1762.95, a savings of 
>over $295.   And that is not even counting the extra time involved, 
>how much is your time worth??   :>)
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