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Re: [IP] Ketones vs Ketoacidosis

I want to start off with a disclaimer:  If you are not a Bible-believing 
individual, then you can ignore this information...  But it pertains to 
 ketones, etc. I post it here because this isn't really a matter of theology or
anything...but medical information that is grounded in a belief in the Bible, 
so ignore at will.  :-)

When we consider what is a "healthy" diet, we should consider what was the 
original plan for us.  Eating animal-sources of food was NOT the original 
intent for humans.  In Genesis, God first gave food from plants.  This was how 
eating was for hundreds of years until after the flood.  It was at this time 
that God gave the concession that animals could be used for food.  I say 
 concession because I believe that the environment changed enough that nutrition
 could no longer be met by plants ALONE...though it was still intended to be the
primary source of food.

Later, God gave Moses certain laws governing food.  Today, it is known that 
those laws are actually due to health concerns.  For example, Pork in that day 
could have led to deadly diseases and illnesses, etc.  Anyhow, there are even 
laws regarding "breeding" of food and animals.  Most of these have been broken 
over the years.  For example, our wheat that we eat today is highly hybridized 
from its original form.  The hybridized versions trigger many food allergies 
that the non-hybridized versions do not.  My son, for example, was allergic to 
wheat...but he could eat wheat in non-hybridized forms, such as spelt, etc.

Anyhow, the reason I mention all this background is that it gives a basis for 
making decisions about eating.  Dr. Atkins diet presumes a diet heavy in 
proteins, primarily animal-derived.  This is counter to the original plan of 
God.  God designed us to be plant-eaters first, and animal-eaters later to a 
lesser degree.  

 Ketones, which are considered "safe" by many, are the result of burning fat for
 fuel. Burning fat is something that is not "intended" either. God designed us
 to eat enough to maintain our ideal weight...not to ever weight too much, etc.
So, burning ketones has to result from something that wasn't intended.  It is 
more a "safey measure"...a weigh for the body to survive under certain 
 conditions, and periods of fasting. But, it wasn't intended to be the "normal"
way for our bodies.  

I'm not suggesting that a vegetarian diet is right, today either...God told 
 Noah that eating animals was okay from that point forward for a reason...likely
because we could not longer get our full nutrition from plants alone.  But, it 
has been shown repeatedly that the diet "guidelines" given to Adam, Noah, and 
Moses are actually, even today, considered much more healthy than the typical 
diet is today.  

So, something to ponder. FYI.

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