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Re: [IP] Fw: Paradigm upgrade

>  >>I would most definitely recommend a Paradigm pump to anyone, especially
>>>considering they are over the initial problems they had when they first came
>>Including those who use more than 60 units a day???
>Yes, most definitely, since I'm one of those who usually uses more than 60
>units a day.  I change my pump site every 2 1/2 days.  I don't find it a
>problem.  I do suppose if you have already been spoiled to changing less
>frequently (which isn't medically recommended), it might be a bother.  :-) 
>Still, I recommend the pump EVEN for those who use more than 60 units a day
>since I AM one who uses more than 60 units a day.

No,  I change my site every 2.5 to 3.5 days.   I change my cartridge 
and tubing every 6 to 8 days depending on the flavor of ice cream 
available.     ;>)

My point was the expense (and extra work) of the Paradigm.   Using 
Sils/Comforts so an equal comparison could be made and using the 
2-1/2 day change out of the SET to stay comparable, your cost would 
be $2058.60 per year.   My cost would be $1719.15 a year.   A cost 
difference of almost $340 and that is assuming that I don't change 
less often than every 2.5 days.   My actual costs are closer to 
$1650.   But lets do an EXACT comparison;  your yearly cost on 
Paradox $2058.60; your yearly cost on Animas $1762.95, a savings of 
over $295.   And that is not even counting the extra time involved, 
how much is your time worth??   :>)

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