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Re: [IP] Questions from nuts to One-Touch software

Well, for the nuts I do not know, but for the OneTouch brand metres and the
InTouch Software you CAN download BOTH to the same programm without messing
anything up. I have the V.2.0 and the original version (v1.0) and I download
BOTH my InDuo's that I use and the Ultra that I have for back up just incase
one has gone bad and I left the other one at a neighbours and they are not
home so I can recieve it. But with EITHER version of the software, you can
download as many OneTouch brand metres as you choose (but with the fastake you
have to have the fastake adapter - and they don't sell the metres or strips
anymore so I don't use that one, I just have a couple of them [found a total
of 4 of them]).

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From: Alderson Arts
Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2003 4:10 AM
To: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Questions from nuts to One-Touch software

Hi Folks,
            Long time no posting from me eh? I haven't been doing great.
Just the same sort of junk we all go through but to a much minor degree
as compared to some of you I have met here. Anyway, what kinds of nuts
are the absolute lowest in carbs? I know they are low anyway but I am
looking for the lowest. I'm having a heck of a time digesting many
proteins but am okay with most nuts except peanuts-I get a really sour
stomach sometimes from peanuts.
            Also, I am using the One-Touch Ultra and I have two of them.
I was thinking about keeping one in the nightstand by the bed for late
night checks. I have only been using one of the meters because I don't
know if the following will work: If I take most of my readings on my
main meter and my middle of the night readings on my backup can I
download both meters into the software without there being any

            Thanks For Being There,

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