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[IP] On my trip...

Just thought I'd let you all know...

 on my trip I stop at my cousins family reunion in Nashville and there was a
lady there, who walked up to me and said "so you got Diabetes?" I said yep how'd
you know - she said you got a pump too. She had a 508.

 Then in Florida at one of the parks there was a girl about 12 years old sitting
on the bench across from me waiting for family to come off the rollercoaster and
I noticed she too had a blue paradiigm so I pulled mine off and started waving
it at hetr when she looked she jumped up and started pulling on her aunts arm
pointing she was sooo excited we chatted for a few minutes then her mom came off
and she showed her my pump.

 Then at another park at the top of a water slide I was in one line and there
was a man in the next line - speaking a different language and I saw he had a
pump so I poked him and tyurned around and pointed to my pump he laughed then
went down the slide.

 So I saw 3 other pumpers on my trip and it was pretty neat - any of you on

 I'd also like to say how well my pump did on all the rides. I did make my
cousin hold it once on the triple pr quadrouple upside down rollercoaster ( the
aerosmith one), the rest on the time I had it on. On my back at the water park
where it was nice and secure, and on my front top with my hands clenched over it
for the 45miles a hour water slide(which gave me the biggest wedgy ever!!)

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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