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Re: [IP] Ketones vs Ketoacidosis

Hal and/or Jo

Off topic. but reply to post sent to my email address and the IP site
First and formost my name is not becky.. it is Rebecca. I do not go by becky,
as I dispise that name. and it is a very good way to get me pissed and
defensive..... I go by Rebecca and Becca. Please call me by the name I
prefere. There are some Rebecca's out in the world that HATE that name, and I
am one of them (I know of 4 other Rebecca's that also hate that name.. two I
went to uni with and one that I went to high school with, and the other is a
neighbour of mine). You can also call me Kitty, as that is the name that I use
in MSN chats. But NOT Becky!!! (grrr).

Rebecca aka Becca aka Kitty


> snip <
> anytime that you steadily lose weight your body will
> produce ketones that are detectable. Ketones are
> produce if I remember right from the burning of
> fat. These ketones are different then those produced
> during DKA but in both ketones are produced which
> hurt the body no mater how high they are for there
> should be no ketones in your body to be a healthy
> individual.

Dr. Atkins and other low carb advocates would not agree that all ketones are
bad, but rather a normal part of the Krebs cycle, e.g. metabolism

Synopsis from an eMedicine article:

Ketones are a natural fuel source for the brain and body. Ketones are used
when carbohydrate stores within the body are depleted, resulting in burning
fat for energy instead of glucose. Ketosis is safe in healthy individuals;
however, there are many metabolic abnormalities that produce excess ketones
the blood. Benign ketosis as experienced on a controlled carbohydrate intake
should not to be confused with ketoacidosis, an elevation in the acidity of
blood, associated with specific disease conditions as noted above.
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