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[IP] Re: Minimed positive feedback

 I too want to give some positive feedback about Minimed. I've been on the pump
for 10 years now, all with Minimed. Started with a 506, then a 507C and now a
Paradigm 511. I've only had to have two pumps replaced in 10 years - once with
my 506 after one year, never with my 507c, and just two weeks ago with my
Paradigm. I think I know what happened with the Paradigm though. I only had it
since May and was in Hawaii for 2 weeks in August, wearing it in the water
snorkeling every single day. Everything was fine until near the end of the trip
when we were snorkeling over a coral reef where it got very shallow. I think I
may have inadvertently bumped it against some rocks because later that day it
died (Alarm 35 and motor error) and I noticed that my knees were scraped up from
going over the rocks. At the time since I was in the warm buoyant water, I
didn't feel myself scraping, but I know I must have because it was very shallow
and I kind of got beached on the rocks at one point!
 . So it
  may have been all the days in the water, but I think it was really the
scraping/bumping that did my pump in. I called Minimed as soon as I discovered
the problem that night at bedtime, and they were very helpful even though it was
2a.m. their time. They over-nighted my replacement to my hotel. I've had it two
weeks now and can't tell the difference from my first one. Hopefully it will
last, but I guess I won't wear it snorkeling again. Last time with my 506 I also
got a refurbished model and it was great for the next 4 years until I upgraded
to a 507c. So personally I'm not concerned about getting a refurbished one.
Anyway, over 10 years I've never had any problems with Minimed's service, and
have been pleased with their products. As a woman, I like the small size as it's
easier to hide under my clothing. I agree that since they merged with Medtronic
their policies have changed, like not giving free samples anymore, but I can't
really blame them since they have so many cus!
  and the cost would be prohibitive. Like with Microsoft, Starbucks, or any
other industry leader, people like to bash the big guys. Also, people with
positive opinions aren't as vocal as people with complaints. I'm not doubting
that some people have had problems with Minimed, but given the number of
customers they have, I bet it's not as big a percentage as it sounds.
Pam Dxed 1989 with Type 1, aged 32, pumping 10 years.
been the experience of others who have a Minimed pump, both in ther
satisfaction with the pump itsef and with the company?  I would value
getting both sides of the argument so positives are also welcome!"<

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