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Re: Fw: [IP] south beach diet- KETONES

> Ketones are produce if I remember right from >>the burning of
> fat. These ketones are different then those produced during DKA but in both
> ketones are produced which hurt the body no mater how high they are for there
> should be no ketones in your body to be a healthy individual.

In DKA, Bgs are high, ketones are high.
In loosing weight, ketones trace thru high, Bgs normal.
I know it is frowned on, even when I showed trace ketones with a Bg of 96.
When on orals, I ran very high Ketones, high Bgs with lots of exercise, noone
batted an eyelash.  I still had to fight for insulin.
Linda K  insulin dependent  Type 2  (not LADA)
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