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Re: [IP] south beach diet

Liz,   thanks for the heads up on this book.  I am considering it.  I got
gung ho about Dr. Atkins, but quelled my enthusiasm when he said not for
people with creatanine over 2.4.  That kicks me out!

I scanned what was available and he does make good sense.  So he may be the
next one I read.

Compounding my kidney problems, I also take blood thinners and take a very
high dose of coumadin.    Green leaf veggies only make matters worse for me.

Sometimes I think there's not much of anything that I can eat!


Who just ate pizza and is feeling both guilty and sorry for himself at the
>  Julie, if you are uncomfortable with either one of those, why not get Dr.
> Richard Bernstein's book, "Diabetes Solution" Dr. Bernstein IS A TYPE I
> who is also an endocrinologist. Many, many diabetics who follow his diet
or at
> least come close to following his are doing it because they want to
> normal blood sugars. If you want to read some of his book, go to his web
> http://www.diabetes-normalsugars.com/ I'm a type II, I do a moderate low
> and do it very successfully. Liz
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