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Re: [IP] Fw: Paradigm upgrade

I am in the same dilemma as many who have a Disetronic pump...have been very
happy with it over all.  I have an H-Tron Plus.  As I have had it for over 3
years it is nearing the end of its warranty, and with the FDA recall it
makes me think it might be a good time to consider a change while the
insurance covers  80% of the cost.  I like the look of the Paradyme, but
have been reading feedback on this site and it sounds like there is quite
alot of disatisfaction the Medtronic and their customer service.  What has
been the experience of others who have a Minimed pump, both in ther
satisfaction with the pump itsef and with the company?  I would value
getting both sides of the argument so positives are also welcome!    I have
always had a good experience with Disetronic, but an concerned that
replacement pumps may not be available if something happened with mine.
     Thanks in advance, Fran
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> What you are saying about the upgrade is true, however, In Jan 2003 I
> a **new** 511 and I am already on my 4th (that's right -4th) rebuilt
> of different errors.  I had a discussion with them about that because I
> I should get a new 511 since my original did not last but 2 months.
> Meanwhile, my warranty is from the 1st 511 I had.  Next time around, I
> look at other pumps more closely and get input from you guys.
> Sharon (dx DM 9/00) & Nabs (MM 511 01/03)
> > One thing to keep in mind...you are not trading in to get a new
> vehicle...you
> > are trading in to get a "used" vehicle.  The upgrade is applied to the
> to
> > make it operate as a 512.  It is not a brand-new 512 pump you are
> upgrading
> > to.  >  >
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