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Re: [IP] RE:Schol Nurse


  Check with your local ADA office to see if your state has any guidelines 
pertaining to the care of DMers in public schools.  Here in WA state they 
just passed a LAW...finally..that allows the parent to designate an adult at 
the school (RNs do NOT have any say in this) find them some training 
pertaining to all D. care, INCLUDING glucagon injections, and then this 
designated person (of course, they have to be willing) will basically be 
incharge of the child's D. care while at school.  We are very excited about 
this.  Plus we have had two years of Guidelines for the Care of Diabetic 
Children in Public Schools put out byt the Office of Superintendant of 
Instruction (OSPI) and was co-written by endos, RNs, CDEs and even a few 

Check this out through the ADA in your area.  I know from experience that the 
school RNs are VERY reluctant to let parents know if this type of guidelines 
are available.  And I did say from PERSONAL experience!

mom to joshua
 WA state
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