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Re: [IP] Is D really that bad?


At 11:10 AM 09/30/2002 -0400, you wrote:

>I am really amazed at all the controversy created. The point in my initial
>response is that I have controlled (to the extreme) my type 1 D since
>diagnosis in 1974. An extraordinary athlete, and very positive. There are
>times however, when everything starts to snowball and grow to a point where
>it is very difficult to handle. My HA1C's are in the great range, I exercise,
>take vitamins, and do everything by the book. What needs to be understood
>here is that this is the disease where you do everything right, and it can
>still be wrong. I am the classic case of this.

I think this has to do with the realities of this disease.   And for 
emotional "survival" many people "skew" the facts for their own comfort 
(not meaning this in a negative way)

I sure want to feel in "control" of my diabetes but I can only do the best 
that I can.  The thing that scares many (myself included) is how powerless 
I am over what diabetes does to my body.

I still remember the rage at after I said: "I'm learning to come to peace 
with a killer" (diabetes)    And many years later I asked that person what 
was going on "back then" - Was scared about own complications diagnosis and 
upcoming treatments and the "facts" were too real and 
threatening......    Talking about the "bad" times is difficult when 
feelings come up that "we" personally are not ready (or able) to deal with.

>I am in general an optimist. There are times when you need to express your
>feelings and not be judged just to help you through the down periods.

Too many times it's much easier to look for "something to fix it" than to 
explore, feel, and work through the emotional - fix the symptoms not look 
at the cause?

>Thank you to all who didn't and don't judge us, and those of us who need a
>place to express ourselves, maybe this is not the place.

Many are satisfied with just the how too's.......      And when doing 
"everything" still doesn't work where are the others who are having similar 
problems?   The mechanics of diabetes are very different for everyone 
(YMMV) - The feelings are similar whether it's AIDS, Cancer, ..... or 

We all find our own ways of dealing (or not) with the emotional aspects; 
and that in turn impacts how we are able to do the medical.....

>I would welcome the advice of others if they know a good, or "appropriate"
>place to sound off.
>email @ redacted

Take what you want and leave the rest,

Jim S.
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