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[IP] Re: slogging through archives

I have an idea for those who feel deluged by all the
posts they're not interested in just to get to the
subjects they are.  This is done by another list I'm
on.  They have about 20 major subject areas.  You
click on one and then title your post like we do now. 
For us, the areas could be such subjects as Insulins,
Pump Manufacturers, Diabetic Complications, Emotional
Support, School Problems, etc.
  I know very little about computers, but a geek
friend says the admin wouldn't have to do any more
work than now, because we're sorting ourselves by
clicking on a subject area first.
   I just spent hours sorting through just a few
months of archives searching for posts on one
particular subject.  If I could just go to a broad
topic section like the above, the search would be a
LOT faster.  What do you all think?

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