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[IP] Re: back neuropathy

Sorry, but this aint any pillow/chair/bed issue.  The pain is unreal.  I've
gone to the ER because of this.  I've woken up @ 4AM and drawn a hot bath,
desperate to make it go away.  I've had X-Ray's, MRI's, etc.  Something very
serious is wrong.  Otherwise, it would be quite a coincidence for the
"neuropathy" medicine, amitrytolene (an anti-depressant) to be working to the
point, where the pain is gone and am left only sore.

Remember, when I say pain, I mean pain where you ask god for mercy, a quick
death, etc.

> Any comments / shared experiences?  ANyway to rule in or out neuropathy?
> would I only experience pain in the morning after sleeping in my bed?
> noticed if I fall asleep on a couch or a reclining chair (yes I
> no pain resulted.  With my A1C's being close to perfect for all but the
first 2
> yrs of diagnosis, what can bring on neuropathy?

Actually, it doesn't sound like neuropathy to me. Looking over the whole
post, they don't sound like neuropathy symptoms.

I've been seeing chiropractors for 40 years now - works wonders for my back
problems. Just recently my right leg along the shin was in a lot of pain -
woke me up at night. In the meantime, my dialysis center had to close due to
too many deaths in a short time (national news) and I was sent to another
one. They had chairs with lumbar supports that I really liked. A tech there
said they still had one of the plain chairs with the support at my center -
the patients had complained about them so they replaced them (flowered with
no lumbar support).

After about a week of the continuing pain with Icy Hot, heat, and massage
not working, my hugsband suggested it may be my back. I went to the
backologist and he did a lot of adjusting on me - the same day I went for my
d. treatment. Yep, the pain came back. I went back to him a couple days
later and we talked about the chair. He said I should *insist* on using the
one that works for me. They now have it on my chart that I get the *purple
chair*. I have not had any more leg pain. I do not think it would have gone
away without those two adjustments, nor would it have stayed gone w/o that
chair with the lumbar support.

Backologist laughed when I told him they got rid of those chairs cuz the
others didn't like them - and I need it! The best thing that came out of
closing my dialysis center is me finding out about the chair! (~_^)
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