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Re: [IP] closed loop foundation

> On 9/30/02 1:56 PM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > For what it is worth, they've been doing those clinical trials for 2
> > years at Johns Hopkins.  I guess the diabetics in Baltimore, weren't
> > good enough *S*  It's not a big deal to implant a pump. Like always,
> > it's still just around the corner.
> > - -wayne
> >  sorry pessimistic wayne, but thats BS...since im personally involved in the
> > clinical trials with minimed, this is the first of its kind for the
> > minimed2007 implantable pump...i dont know what implantable pummp you're
> > talking about but minimed has just started its clinical trials this past month
> > for its implantable device...NOT 2 yrs ago...
> Excuse me, Bassem, even though you're in the trial of the MM2007
> they never told you about the MM2001???   They were over 600 of them
> implanted in patients in Europe and they were talking of doing
> studies of it in the States.  I guess they just decided to reset
> their pump numbering scheme.

The MM2001 was not a closed loop system. It was very much like the 
current 508. It used U500 insulin that was loaded every 2-3 months 
via a syringe by injection through the skin into a plastic (silicon?) 
portal on the pump. It had a remote control unit to program basal 
and bolus values.

email @ redacted
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