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Re: [IP] 504 plan - type protection for college students

> "A little chat with the disabilities office ought to straighten
> things out. They will be well aware of 504 and its implications for
> the school.
> Michael
> email @ redacted"
> Michael,
> We never had any trouble with schools, so I never did a 504. Is the
> information on this site? Or should I check the cwd site? Does the
> 504 apply equally to colleges and universities (like it does to
> elementary and high school?)
> Really, I am still stunned. I spoke with the director of housing,
> and she essentially told me that they would "treat him like all our
> other students...or at least like those on medications". I had told
> her I was worried about college drinking. My son has never done this
> to excess, but you never know what kids will do. She then began to
> talk about "your son's drinking", as if he were a recovering
> alcoholic, at any moment due to fall off the wagon and rob a liquor
> store. At the bottom, the threat to force him to live off campus.
> Also, she kept saying "this is not our job", followed by, "your son
> should confide in his room mate"...implying, I guess, that it IS the
> room mates job.

hmmm..... sorry to break the news to you, but colleges and 
universities consider their students to be ADULTS -- he is over 
18 or soon will be. A variety of laws prevent them from discussing 
most everything about your student with you without signed waivers 
from your student. This includes grades, medical condition, almost 
everything you are used to getting from school authorities. The 
accomodations he can expect will have to do with the usual things 
such as testing in the classroom, extra time, etc... nothing to 
do with housing. To get those accomodations he will probably have 
to register with the disabilities office and perhaps set up a 504. 
HIM, not you. Your student should make the RA, roomies, suitemates, 
those on his floor aware of his condition and emergency procedures. I 
made sure Lily had a meeting with her "group" and showed them the 
glucagon kit as well as review procedures on how to use it and where 
to find it in her room (I think she taped it to the wall or 
something like that). That's about the best you can do. Your 
fledgeling has now officially flown the nest.

email @ redacted
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