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Re: [IP] Pumps & Security Buzzers

> anyone else with overzealous courthouse employees???
> Yes, I work with juveniles and am in and out of the detentions and
> secured facilities. I have a 508 that I will not allow to be hand
> wanded. I take off my 508 before walking through and carry a note from
> the doctor when I go to different facilities that don't know me or if
> someone new is on board. We are not allowed to carry beepers in the
> facilities so I have to have some excuse for my "beeper". My
> understanding of being hand wanded is that it CAN be as much exposure as
> a MRI scan might be, if it is directly placed over the pump. Talk with
> security to make some arrangement.

i'm waiting to see what will happen when i first go to collins bay
penitentiary with my pump.  they've seen them before, so i don't think there
will be much of a problem.  i am wondering if maybe i should disconnect
before going through the metal detector.  thoughts?
but on the good note, one of the chairs of the lifer's committee, when i
told him about my concerns about guards giving me a hard time (with it
looking like a pager), he said he would talk to the go-between man (i forget
his actual position in the prison, brain mush!) and have him let the front
desk folk, as well as the guards know that i'll be wearing it in, so as to
avoid any problems.
inevitably, i will at least once have someone ask me to remove my pager, but
it shouldn't be too bad.

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