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[IP] Re: Diabetes and depression

Having diabetes predisposes a person to depression
because of several factors.  One is the hormonal
fluctuations.  Insulin is in the hormone family. 
Because of our bodies' lack of ability to produce
insulin - we must use an outside source - which can
upset the fine balance of hormonal levels.  

There are other factors which I don't fully
understand, but has to do with gonadotropin (Gh) and
the bodies ability to correctly monitor the hormonal
levels.  i.e. the right level of hormones might be in
the blood stream, but your body mis-reads those
levels.  Fits in with the serotonin thing which the
SSRI class of drugs work on.

I've battled the depression monster a couple of times
in my life.  It was/is not pretty, but I'm not afraid
to have a little help through medication.  

Good luck to you!


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