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Re: [IP] sick of being sick


I don't know if this is the case but it might help.  When I was put on 
Accupril to protect my kidneys, I went through a similar situation.  I 
was sick off and on for months.  One of the side effects of some of the 
ACE inhibitors is that it will give you a dry cough.  I just got sick. 
 I have never been a sickly person, but I was staying sick.  I assume 
that it was due to the changes in my mucus that I kept getting sick.  If 
you are on an ACE inhibitor such as Accupril, think about quitting it. 
 There are others that do not have this side effect.  I am now taking 
Cozaar and am doing well.  HTH.  :-)


email @ redacted wrote:

>It seems like I have some sort of cold, virus, infection, etc. on a monthly 
>basis.  This month it is a respiratory system virus- chest congection, 
>coughing, etc.  Last month it was strep throat.  This has been going on at 
>least a year.  I eat right- usually 3 balanced meals a day with carbs, meat, 
>veggies, and then 2 snacks with fruit or milk or crackers etc.  I eat fruits 
>and veggies daily, I love them.  I get just as much exercise (not enough 
>probably but 3 days a week I'd say) as a year ago, and actually have less 
>stress than a year ago.  I  clean my house on a regular basis so we don't have 
>a lot of dust or germs.  I'm not surrounded by sick people- usually I am the 
>one at the office who gets everyone else sick.  I have run out of sick days and 
>even had to use my remaining vacation days for being sick.  I'm tired of it.  
>Is this something related to diabetes?  Anybody else out there like this?  Is 
>there anything I can do to boost my immune system and keep from getting sick 
>all the time?  I can understand a couple times a year but this is rediculous.  
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