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[IP] Re: Re: Durable Medical Equipment/moods & glucose levels/cheating

Hi all,
Thought I'd ask Marj to cover everything in one reply:
Webster's dictionary: "durable: lasting a long time"

Medicare provides info on eligibility for an insulin infusion pump under
[Medicare capitalizes this, we're not shouting] : "COVERAGE ISSUES - DURABLE

 My (secondary) insurance: "Durable Medical Equipment...is medical equipment
which is for repeated use primarily for a medical purpose, is appropriate
for use in the home, and is generally not useful to a person in the absence
of a sickness or injury."
 In order for my secondary insurance to pick up the 20% Medicare
co-insurance for my pump, had to utilize a third party vendor, and have to
use them for all my pump/D supplies to be covered @ 100% (except insulin
which is covered under the prescription plan with a $15 co-pay for a 90-day
supply however much is ordered by my MD-currently 10 bottles to leave a bit
of leeway in case).

Moods and glucose levels-
Please, understand that yes, anyone can be moody, but what if that moodiness
doesn't seem to fit what's been normal behavior/responses for someone with
D?  For those who live with someone who has diabetes, there are often clues
that perhaps the blood glucose level is too high/low, particularly when a
couple's been married several years before one of them is diagnosed with D
so the "typical" behaviors/responses are sort of a known quantity.  Marj can
pick up on my: high levels (phew- rarely go really high now, used to see
400/500's now she picks up on a rare 200) because irritability goes off the
charts, very low levels (not in a while since smoothed out basals) 'cause of
"robot-like" behavior, and if very, very low (pre-pump days)
aggression/assaultiveness with her efforts to offer treatment (yeah, Marj
learned to duck fast, only got punched once in the jaw).  Do I like hearing,
"Gee, Honey, do you think you should check your glucose?"  No, I don't, but
if I can't figure out that maybe it's a good idea, I'm glad she can.  Sure
beats the alternatives to me.

How can a pumper really cheat with some sweets?  Know the carbs, cover.  If
anyone (D or not) is taking in a lot of sweets, then it's not a healthy
diet, right?  To us, cheating ought to apply more to taking in majorly
excessive amounts of protein (does any person beyond athletes who are
"beefing up"-and do they really need it- need a 40-ounce steak?), and fats
(Mickey D's/BK/Hardee's, etc., your only lunch/dinner spots and it ain't the
salads you order?) since such probably isn't great for anyone.  And, BTW,
remember, one of the first "treatments" for D was a diet almost exclusively
of fats.
Just my $.02....
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