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[IP] Neuropathy Presenting via Back Pain?

I'm 26, pumping for 4 yrs.  ALWAYS have had good control...A1C's
always in the 5-6.5 range.  but I let my diet get sloppy over the past 12
months.  Gained 20 lbs last A1C in August was 6.6 (actually that's the highest 
its been in about 2-3 yrs!)

Symptoms:  Around Dec/ Jan started awakening with a sore/achey back.  This
progressed rather quickly to intolerable pain that would wake me up @ 4-5am.
In February, we replaced the bed, thinking that it was an old mattress.  Didn't 
help.  In March I checked myself into an ER because the pain was just so bad.  
ER gave me a shot of Torodol, which helped immensely.

Sed rate came back normal, X-rays normal. MRI. normal,etc.

PCP gave me Celebrex & Percocet.  Celebrex alone was not enough....W/
Percocet, all was well again in the mornings and i could sleep.  PCP
referred me to a rheumatologist in order to rule out out Ankylosing
Spondylitis which he did ( I had tested positive for gene maker HBLA-27
2-yrs prior - Labs were done because of a strange pain in my right elbow.  
After 2 yrs pain went away and is now in my right elbow).   After 2 months of 
the narcotic cocktail, the rheumy wanted to ween me off.  Switched me to 10 mg 
of Amitryptolene (sp?) at bedtime, reasoning that it was effective in treating 
soft tissue pain.  Potential bone problems have been eliminated.

The good news is that it works reasonably well, but I still wake up feeling 
somewhat sore.

When i saw the Endo in August he mentioned that Amitryptolene was
used to treat Neuropathy w/ success.  Rheumy never mentioned the "N" word.  Now 
wondering if that was what in fact he was thinking (haven't seem him since).  
Endo said he would do some research for me with his Neurologist friend.  Said 
he had only seen 1 time in his career witnessed neuropathy being presented via 
back pain and only is seen in about 5% of diabetic patients.

Saw him again 3 weeks ago.  Says that an EMG is unlikely to find anything in 
the back (most useful in diagnosing neuropathy in the extremities.  Upped my 
dosage to 25mg of Amitryptolene.  Stated that my pain is more than likely 
neuropathy. :(  Big sad face....after 17 years of exception A1C's, I am 
disheartened if this is in fact true.

Last few weeks, I have been waking up more sore than usual over the last few 
months. Doc suggested that if increased dosage resulted in side-effects or lax 
effectiveness, he would try Neurontin, an anti-seizure med also used to treat 

Any comments / shared experiences?  ANyway to rule in or out neuropathy?  Why 
would I only experience pain in the morning after sleeping in my bed?  I've 
noticed if I fall asleep on a couch or a reclining chair (yes I experimented!) 
no pain resulted.  With my A1C's being close to perfect for all but the first 2 
yrs of diagnosis, what can bring on neuropathy?

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