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Re: [IP] re: quick sets...UGH!

From: "TIMOTHY BARINGER" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] re: quick sets...UGH!

>I've been pumping for 4 weeks now and I LOVE my pump...
>However, I have been having SO MUCH TROUBLE reconnecting to my quick 
set after
> showering.  It's taken me anywhere from 15 minutes to almost an hour 
to reconnect.
>Has anyone else had this problem??  Any suggestions for a solution??

That was my biggest problem when I first started pumping...learning to 
reconnect the quickset.  It took me about 2 weeks before I got the hang 
of it.  Now, I can't even understand why I had so much trouble!

My biggest problem was that I was finding I was squeezing the "handles" 
too hard.  You really only need to squeeze them a little bit.  I found 
that if I felt like I was TRYING to squeeze the handles, it was too 
much, and would prevent me from reconnecting.  

Pick a time when you can just practice.  Disconnect, connect, 
disconnect, connect, etc.  :-)  For me, now it is so easy...but I can 
relate to having to learn it at first.

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