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Re: [IP] Re: sick of being sick

> Was the strep confirmed with a swab and subsequent round of antibiotic
> treatments? 
Yep- and it went away as soon as I was on antibiotics for a few days

> But the chest conjestion,
> the respiratory system stuff, coughing, etc. MAY be all allergies. 

I have been tested for allergies.  It's funny, most people I know had them as 
kids and grew out of them, but I didn't get them until my 20's.  I do have a 
minor allergy to dust and also to pollen, but I have a Rx for this.  Usually I 
get runny nose, headache, etc with allergies, and the claritin clears it right 
up.  When I get sick, it's another feeling altogether.  And I go to the doctor 
every time, and they tell me it's a cold or the strep test is positive... I 
have had strep twice this year!

> BTW, after you're sick, does *everyone* catch what you had?
Almost always, my fiancee, my 1 year old neice (if I have contact with her), 
and the lady who has the misfortune to have an office next to mine, all get 
it.    If I see my younger bro at all, he gets it too.  Ironic- cause he's dm 

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