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[IP] Re: sick of being sick

>>>It seems like I have some sort of cold, virus, infection, etc. on a
monthly basis.  This month it is a respiratory system virus- chest
congection, coughing, etc.  Last month it was strep throat.  <snip> Julie


I'm not questioning your strep throat, but I do know some people
automatically say they have strep when it's *just* a sore throat. Strep is
nothing to fool around with - causes rheumatic fever or scarlet fever. Was
the strep confirmed with a swab and subsequent round of antibiotic
treatments? If yes, then my theory may be wrong. But the chest conjestion,
the respiratory system stuff, coughing, etc. MAY be all allergies. There are
different spores, pollens, and allergens in the air happening as different
plants grow/bloom. Fall brings on a new crop of particles.

I used to love September, until it arrived. I'd sneeze my fool head off (9x
in succession) almost choking being unable to catch a breath. I was
miserable with the sore throat and stuff and it was due to the pollens, etc.
VERY fortunately, I haven't needed an allergy pill for over 2 years now - I
must have growed up! ;)

I may be way off base here, but allergies are certainly something to
consider. BTW, after you're sick, does *everyone* catch what you had?

My best to you, dear. (~_^)

\(/ Jan (63 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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Funny, I don't remember being absent minded...
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