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[IP] Re: kindness

 Even if we see a close family member whose demeanor is way 
base from their norm we are not supposed to ask if they are ok or if 
their BG
could be high? How am I supposed to parent like that? If I comment on 
grouchy attitude and her BGs are high then I am treating her badly and
unfairly. But I do not know the BG is high because I should not ask her 
check her BGs because it is insulting to the diabetic to do this. If 
the BGs
are ok and I let her get away with rude behavior then I am not doing 
her any
favors as a parent. 
no no no, please parent your child the way you need to-- i don't know her and you do. also i'm
sure there are plenty of reasons that you are familiar with that i am not for sara's occasional
behavioral issues, not the least of which is that she's a teenage girl. those are yours to deal
with, and my only wish is to provide the perspective of a person who has had the unfortunate
experience of having lately been a diabetic teenage girl, in the hopes that it may help =)
everyone's experience is different, though; my mother is very much able to tell the difference
between when i'm not feeling well and when i'm just being uppity, which is why she rocks. i hope
that sara holds a similar opinion of you, you seem to be a very good parent =).

 what i DON'T want you (or anyone else here) to do is to assume that *my* blood sugars are
responsible for my posts, because you've never met me and have no idea who i am. 
katie, that is unfortunately what you're doing when you say, "In wondering if some of the posts
were written under the influence of one of the suggestions in 1) above, I was expressing the HOPE
that not that many people on this list were inexcusably rude."

 if you must know, my blood sugar as of ten minutes ago was 127, the sun is shining here in
virginia, and i just got an A on my german exam, so the main factors for peevishness don't apply.
i'm having a great day today. that only leaves two options: 1) i have a legitimate concern with
inaccuracies and misconceptions about diabetes posted on this list, and feel compelled to correct
them, or 2)i am inexcusably rude. i would hope that you do not mistake the depth of the opinions i
hold for inexcusable rudeness, but if you do, well, it's inexcusable and i therefore make no
attempt to excuse it. again, i wish you all the best.

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

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