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Re: [IP] sick of being sick

>Is this something related to diabetes?  Anybody else out there like this? <

I use to catch every cold/flu  everything that went around I caught and it 
lasted longer then usual, this was when I was in school, since I've left 
school(2 yrs) I have had maybe 2 minor colds and laryngitis once! I has been 
amazing! I've talked with other teens at our D-clinic and its the same with 
them they catch everything and it drags on for days.  I think it's just that 
our system is weaker and can't fight off these things like most people.  You 
said your not around sick people so I'm not sure how you catch it though.  
But since I'm not around 700 students, catching all there germs I am MUCH 

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)

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