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Re: [IP] the latest news, pump-wise

>>i'm wearing the thing now, but it's just pumping saline for the week.  i
didn't sleep well last night, probably scared of ripping the infusion set
out, or waking up when i rolled over it.  but, on the brighter note, i
haven't torn out the infusion set yet, and it didn't really hurt going in.
i used a quickset (for the paradigm) to try first.  this was with the
training nurse of course. :)

Don't worry so much about ripping out the Quick-Sets.
I use them with the Paradigm Pump and those suckers hold pretty good.
I throw the pump in bed with us. (It sleeps in between My Wife & I, just like our son used to do)
I used to use the 43" sets but was worried I'd hang myself when I woke up with the tubing wrapped around me.
Or trying to get up to go to the Bathroom with my wife lying on top of the pump (Brought new meaning to the term "Closeness")
Or going to the Bathroom and having the pump follow you like a puppy on a leash.
Less of a problem with the 23" sets.
Except the swinging pump really wakes you up fast when you get up in the morning.

The bottom line is don't worry so much about tearing the sets out.
I've swung the pump from the sites,
Dragged it across the floor,
caught it on doorknobs, chairs, and car doors.
Never once pulled out a Quick-set.

Good Luck,
John and his always Present Paradigm.

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