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[IP] sick of being sick

It seems like I have some sort of cold, virus, infection, etc. on a monthly 
basis.  This month it is a respiratory system virus- chest congection, 
coughing, etc.  Last month it was strep throat.  This has been going on at 
least a year.  I eat right- usually 3 balanced meals a day with carbs, meat, 
veggies, and then 2 snacks with fruit or milk or crackers etc.  I eat fruits 
and veggies daily, I love them.  I get just as much exercise (not enough 
probably but 3 days a week I'd say) as a year ago, and actually have less 
stress than a year ago.  I  clean my house on a regular basis so we don't have 
a lot of dust or germs.  I'm not surrounded by sick people- usually I am the 
one at the office who gets everyone else sick.  I have run out of sick days and 
even had to use my remaining vacation days for being sick.  I'm tired of it.  
Is this something related to diabetes?  Anybody else out there like this?  Is 
there anything I can do to boost my immune system and keep from getting sick 
all the time?  I can understand a couple times a year but this is rediculous.  

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