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Re: [IP] Quick Set .. UGH

>>However, I have been having SO MUCH TROUBLE reconnecting to my quick set after
showering.  It's taken me anywhere from 15 minutes to almost an hour to
Has anyone else had this problem??  Any suggestions for a solution??

I've been using the Quick-Sets since April.
My Suggestion on reconnecting is....
Don't try so hard.
When I was just starting, I'd drop the tubing part over the hub, line up the arrows, and try to attach without luck.
Found out that I was grabbing the flange of the hub too.
What I do now is hold the tubing in place by putting my thumb over the whole thing.
Then I turn it by holding on to the end of the tubing with my other hand until it clicks inplace.

I've had no problems after I stopped trying so hard.

Good Luck
John & his trusty Pardigm, packing 9mm Quick-Sets

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