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[IP] RE: Highlight and enter? Print?

L. Haering wrote: I just got back from a week's vacation and am slogging
thru the IPDigest postings a little at a time.  It's good that there is
an initiallisting of the subjects, but is there any way specific ones
could behighlighted and "entered" to get to that specific topic?  Often I
getseasick paging through the postings of no interest and never DO find
theone I was looking for.  So much good info, but each person probably
hashuge chunks they have no interest in - for me it's pregnancy andcomputer
related stuff and it takes so much time trying to find what isof
interest.  Any ideas?  Also - is there any way to print just oneposting
other than "print screen."?  Thanks.  Hi L:I can only offer advise about
Windows, I know nothing (Schultz from Hogan's Heroes famous quote)  ;o)
about MACs.My suggestion would be to "select all" while you have your
digest open and then paste it into Word (or whatever program you use). 
You can then go into Edit>Find (with the binoculars) and type in the
phrase you are searching for.  For example the subject line of interest. 
Word will then "find" all phrases in the document.  It starts at the
beginning of the doc and finds the first one.  When done reading that you
would just hit "find next". As for printing a specific selection, while
still in Word highlight the stuff you want to print and then go to
File>Print (Don't hit the printer icon in the toolbar because you have to
specify what you want to print.)Under "Page Range" hit "Selection" > "OK"
and it will only print out the highlighted text. Hope that helps.  =o) ---
Sally Dawson--- email @ redacted 
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