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[IP] summer's remarks, rudeness, etc.


     Several things I'd like to mention,
discuss, annotate, cover (whatever) here:

      1.     re: Summers girl guide dinner.

       You gotta remember that people react,
helpfully, from their point of view, to
the information we provide to them.   If
we tell people we are hearing impaired,
we get screamed at, if when we fly, we
request Kosher or vegetarian (or special
diet) usually because the food is better
(yep, true !!).
      Once we have provided them with that
information, if you no longer wish to get
that special treatment, you need to cane
that information, request that you get a
regular meal, act for whatever you wish,
or scream and yell when you get the
special attention you have forgotten that
you requested in the first place.

    2.     re: rudeness

        Guys and girls; we all have our good and
bad days, be they medication induced or
as a reaction or inter-action to anther
individual(whom we usually define as
socially impaired), or other terms of
your choice.
       The secret to getting along, coping,
surviving, etc, is to learn to laugh at
yourself and others and know how to
handle the stresses created by yourself
and others.

    3.     re:  cheating

          This was my original topics, and I'm
glad we are having fun with this one.



Arnold Berkowitz

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