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[IP] Re: alpha-lipoic acid or Vit E for neuropathy

I'm getting increasingly desperate to find something
to stop the neuropathy in my hands (my feet are
already pretty much goners). There don't seem to be
any treatments available through conventional
I haven't had much luck trying to find a REPUTABLE
source of info about the anti-oxidants alpha-lipoic
acid (aLA) or Vit E as a neuropathy treatment.
Especially, what's a safe mega-dose of Vit E and what
are the side-effects to watch for? Ditto for aLA, plus
where can I get aLA and be confident that it is what
it says it is (a problem since it's not regulated by
the FDA).  If anyone is taking either of these for
neuropathy or knows where I can get RELIABLE info. I'd
really, really appreciate it.  Thanks!  P.S. I've been
pumping for nearly 3 years and my A1cs have been
between 6.4 and 7.2, yet the hand neuropathy started a
year AFTER I began pumping and it's getting worse. 
(Go figure.)

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