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re:[IP] Re: Becky's reply

Evidently misunderstanding what I wrote concerning BGs affecting behavior,
Becky said she resented the idea that...
 "b.) that being irritated/angry is a direct result of your
blood sugar and not, say, a legitimate concern."

My answer to that is, being irritated or angry, accompanied by nasty words
or behavior is either 1) the result of drugs, alcohol, or disease, or 2)
inexcusably rude behavior.

In wondering if some of the posts were written under the influence of one of
the suggestions in 1) above, I was expressing the HOPE that not that many
people on this list were inexcusably rude.

When one is NOT ill, or under the influence of substances, one is expected
to voice disagreement in a polite and inoffensive way. That is what we try
to teach our children as they grow up. That is also why it can be so tricky
to teach good manners to a child who refuses to divulge his current BG when
in the middle of behavior that is deserving of a knock upside the head
(figuratively speaking only).

I had just been reading several days of heated, hostile, and flat-out nasty
posts from many of you, disagreeing about the best way to react to having
diabetes. I was attempting to bring some rationality to the discussion.
Perhaps it was a mistake to even mention the fact that BG can often affect
reasoning powers. No, it WAS a mistake.

But, this apparently is going to set the stage for several more days of

I do not assume that everything in anyone's life is affected by their blood
glucose levels, or their cancer, or their MS, or their asthma, or their just
plain poor training. But I still contend that MANY things are so affected.
And among the things affected by both your behavior and your
disease...seperately and together, is interpersonal relations.

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