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[IP] Re: Becky's reply

Also, I am sad that my request fo kindness all around was met 
immediately by
another unkind post.

i'm sorry you saw my post as unkind rather than merely corrective-- i'm not angry but neither am i
one to mince words; perhaps the most disadvantageous aspect of the IP list is that you cannot hear
my voice.

 you touched (though but briefly) upon what just may be the most irritating thing about having
diabetes-- that people around you start assuming that a.) everything in your life is directly
caused/influenced by your diabetes and b.) that being irritated/angry is a direct result of your
blood sugar and not, say, a legitimate concern. high and low blood sugars don't *always* make you
feel bad-- it changes from circumstance to circumstance and from day to day. neither are diabetics
unaware of their emotions, even when they *are* influenced by blood sugar. *everyone* metabolizes
sugar and insulin; being diabetic does not suddenly make you a sort of insulin-fueled, emotional 
automaton. *that* is why we need people to be understanding-- not because we are diabetics, but
because we are diabetics who are trying to be *more* than just our diabetes. i don't mind the
disease nearly as much as i mind the misunderstanding of it.

if i write a post at 275, i may or not feel bad; if i am feeling bad then it is much more likely
that i will be in bed than surfing the internet. and if i am 275 and read something that i know to
be erroneous, the fact that i am high makes it no less wrong. understanding is key, as long as by
"understanding" you are taking into account the whole person and not just the disease. as i said
before, i agree with the rest of your post, just not that part. sorry if you thought i was trying
to be mean; i hold nothing against you personally.

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01) 

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