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[IP] Re: A1c after pumping

 > <snip> I am only down to 10.5 !!!
> I was expecting something alot lower.
> My sugars have been running so much better since I have been on the pump,
> am rarely over 300(used to be between 300-500 OFTEN) and most of the times
> when I check it I am under 200, closer to 150.
> I don't know what to do now, any suggestions or thoughts?
> Gina


How often do you test? Remember, the tests you take are actually *hit and
miss* since you can't see the trends in between. We saw a chart from a
MiniMed rep showing 6 tests in a day. They were all within normal ranges.
Then in comparison to a readout of the CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitoring
System) there were lots of undetected highs between the *normals*. Could you
get a CGMS hookup for 3 days and this will see if this is happening to you
and you can better adjust your basals? (~_^)

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