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[IP] Help for Troubleshooting Sils

Hi all. I have just started with Sils for the first time after using
Quicksets. I am using the Sil-Serter because I haven't been able to get it
in without. I had the first site in for 2 days and it got some direct hits
from my 3 year old and cat, and was sore. I just changed before dinner and
the site was sore but my numbers were good after dinner. Then I noticed the
blood in the cannula. I switched to the other hip and the first one the
needle bent about 45 degrees on impact. Took that one out and did the next.
This one doesn't hurt, but I had trouble disconnecting the insertion needle
and when I took it out it was slightly bent at the base (maybe 5-10
degrees). Is the rule of thumb that any bent insertion needle means you need
to change? Or just go with my numbers and how it feels? Any direct replies
will be helpful!

Kathleen, email @ redacted
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