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[IP] Cheating

Ohhh I "cheat" daily!  I always cover what I eat so technically I don't 
consider it cheating!  I am not over weight so I don't worry about fat 
content or calories.  That day of Diabetes is over, I can eat what I want 
when I want as long as I cover it with insulin.

Last night I was at a weekend Girl Guide event, at the banquet as I 
paitently awaited my meal, a lady came up to me to let me know they ordered 
me a special meal, I said no way, she said well it says here you have 
diabetes so you can't have the gravy, I said ohh yes I can, your not taking 
my gravy away, she said no you can't have gravy, I told that I have the 
Diabetes and I know what I can have.  The others at the table were quite 
upset that she would try to tell me what I can eat.  one lady said to me, 
your the one living with Diabetes you don't need people telling you how to 
eat!!  It felt good to know that some people out there know that it's up to 
me to decide what I can and can't do.  I don't think every person needs to 
learn about Diabetes, but I think if they don't know then they should let 
those of us with Diabetes do our Job on our own.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)

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