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[IP] Insurance Coverage

>My insurance covers all my diabetes supplies 100%.  I have a $10 co-pay for 
>doctor's visits (in the PPO Network) and $5/$10 prescription co-pay.  This 
>is through my husband's employer.  He works for a small shop that has about 
>14 employees.


I'm covered under my mom, till I'm 21 ( next July) then I'm going to school 
full time and will be covered till I'm 25.  My mom works for the city and 
all my meds and testing stuff is covered I pay $10 a year.  All my stuff is 
billed directly to the insurance, so It's never out of pocket(except 
lancets)?? have to mail receipts in for those.  Anyway they are putting up a 
big battle for the pump, MM say they've had lots of problems with this 
particular company ( Canada Life)so its not just me.  They send us yearly 
report stating how much we cost them! last year I was well over $9000!! I 
also have GERD so I use $10 worth of pills a day.  We don't pay anything for 
hospital stays, but I'm in Ontario, Canada so it's different here than in 
the US and pay, I think $45 for ambulance services.

I am ever so grateful to have coverage! Don't know how I'd survive without 
Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)

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