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Re: [IP] A1c

On 9/29/02 7:14 PM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I just got my first A1c after going on the pump.
> I am very down.........prior to pumping my A1c was 11(I KNOW AWFUL !!!) and
> just last week(3 months after starting on pump)  I am only down to 10.5 !!!
> I was expecting something alot lower.
> My sugars have been running so much better since I have been on the pump, I
> am rarely over 300(used to be between 300-500 OFTEN) and most of the times
> when I check it I am under 200, closer to 150.
> I don't know what to do now, any suggestions or thoughts?
> Thanks!
> Gina

Keep on Pumping and Learning.   It only gets better!   The first nine months
on the pump, my A1c was only down by 0.2, then at the nine month A1c I had
moved down a full point!  Since then, I've had ups and downs and generally
just learned more about how my body behaves and how I can enjoy life!  Don't
let any number get you down.   Think of how your life is improved!

George    :>)
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