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Re: [IP] No fair, picking on me !!!

On 9/29/02 6:20 PM, "Arnold Berkowitz" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>   From past experiences, any diabetic that
> does not admit to cheating is fooling both
> themselves, and their health care team,
> which makes control more difficult.
>    So, go ahead, cheat a little, eat what you
> like, but learn how to cover for you
> favorite indulgences, be they Oreo cookies,
> candy bare, cakes and other pastries, or
> whatever else floats your boat, but....
> your gotta be honest.
> Arnold Berkowitz

This certainly disproves the old saying that "cheaters never win".  Though
some might not consider this cheating, I am certainly winning!  So "cheaters
never win" doesn't take into account insulin pumping.  And if you want to
consider Oreos as cheating, I won't pick on you.   That might make you eat
more of them and leave fewer Oreos for me.   I'm not cheating, I'm Winning!

George     :>)
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