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[IP] RE: Paradigm Question

>Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 18:12:08 -0400
>From: "Arthur R Hoppie" <email @ redacted>

>Entering a temp basal in a Paradigm could not be more simple.  Call up the
>Set/Edit Temp Basal program,  it askes you to enter the time in 1/2 hour
>increments for the duration of the temp basal, followed by asking you to
>the temp basal rate in tenths of units and you are now on temp basal for
>period of time selected at the rate selected.

Rex - with sincere respect I must disagree that the Paradigm's procedure
"could not be more simple."

For my H-Tron Plus:

 1) stop the pump (enter 'edit' mode if you will)

2) press either "up" or "down" to select the % (in tens of percentage) I
need to add or subtract.

Granted, while simpler than the Paradigm, one is stuck with a 4-hour
decrease in your basal rate (the assumption is that this is when you are
exercising) or a 12-hour increase in your basal (for a 'sick day').
However, one can easily stop the temporary rate by turning the pump delivery
off and then on and you are alarmed when the temporary rate change is over.
Conceptually, I like the %-age approach a little better as it doesn't
require one to work the math for time of day changes.

This is not to say the Paradigm does offer a great number of special
programs the D-tron doesn't (because it does).  I do like the H-tron
approach a little better though.  I am now working on the approvals for an
D-tron Plus so ask me in a few months whether that one is significantly

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