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Re: [IP] Re: amazing posts on experiencing Diabetes

I hate it when people excuse what I do or say because of my sugar levels. I
know that sometimes they can have an effect on what we do or say but I have to
agree with Becky on this. I've written a lot on this subject (and seriously
didn't mean to offend anyone) and not one single post is due to my sugar
levels being too high or too low, we are all entitled to our opinions (and
there have been a lot of different opinions in this thread of messages) and if
we say something that disagrees with someone else it's how we feel, our
opinion, not our blood sugars. If people are making the assumption that if we
may seem like we are being harsh or have a difference of opinion, it must be
our sugar levels, that is wrong and that's an unfair assumption. It's wrong to
make assumptions about people, especially those you don't know closely.

So, although your diabetes may be of very little concern to you, it may
indeed make the lives of your nearest and dearest more difficult than
would otherwise be. Tht is an aspect of the disease that needs to be
accepted. For instance, many of the posts on the subject in the past
days may have been written at 53, or 275.

great-- all i need now is to be told by a non-diabetic, "oh, you just say that
because you're just
low/high." i appreciate and agree with the rest of your very perceptive post,
but not this. go to
the reality check website sometime, there has been extensive discussion there
on whether or not
diabetics are allowed to get pissed off without having it attributed to their
blood sugar.

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10. pumping since 11/21/01)Get more from the
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