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[IP] No fair, picking on me !!!

     Hello everyone.   My name is Arnold
Berkowitz.   Although I am not new to the
list, I have not participated a whole lot.
     This is due to a usage problem.  For a long
time, my primary email address was at work,
and with lot's of people looking over
everyones shoulders, it ain't easy to send
non-official emails, so, I have been a
browser-only list member.
     I have recently came back onto the digest
version, which allows me to read the list,
but not as individual messages, which is
easier for me.
    Anyway, I am not that foolish to not admit,
up front, that being on a pump is really
convenient, making cheating something that I
now can do, and knowing how to cover for
what I eat, makes keeping my sugars in
line...., so, yes I cheat.
    From past experiences, any diabetic that
does not admit to cheating is fooling both
themselves, and their health care team,
which makes control more difficult.
     So, go ahead, cheat a little, eat what you
like, but learn how to cover for you
favorite indulgences, be they Oreo cookies,
candy bare, cakes and other pastries, or
whatever else floats your boat, but....
your gotta be honest.


Arnold Berkowitz

            email @ redacted



dx: diabetes since 1980, pumper since 1999


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