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[IP] Re: proving "them" wrong

>Gail...GOOD FOR YOU!....

Thanks Sylvia!

>Now speaking as a mother of a child with diabetes, if
>it were your son, would you not have just this little

>nagging anger somewhere there saying you know 
>this just isn't fair??!!!  

I cannot answer that since I don't walk in your shoes.
 However, life isn't fair.  So, why get keyed up about
something when we don't get to choose whether or not
we have it?  

In my son's life what ISN'T FAIR is that my father
died while playing nanny while I was traveling on
business.  Now THAT is REALLY not fair to a 7 year old
child to wake up to dead grandpa.  The positive part
of that is that my son spent several years having
quality time with my dad.  

Do I get angry about the circumstances and the lasting
effect on my son?  You bet I did - and many years of
therapy later we have accepted that we cannot do
anything to change the past - we just pick up the
pieces and move forward as best we can.

Would I choose that event over him having diabetes? -
most likely.  But, we don't get to make that choice -
it's just the way it is.

We all get to choose to be upset or not about the
things in our lives.  I choose different ones than you
do (and probably different ones than most folks - D or
not).  :-)

>he would wish that his own kids could live with an 
>uncomplicated life, like most kids!  But on the other
>hand, with all of the 'stuff' that is out there, if I

>had to choose between some of that other 'stuff' and 
>diabetes, I think I would take the D.  But to not 
>have ANYTHING would be my FIRST choice!!!

Me too.  But, again - it just ain't gonna happen
'cause I already have it!  I do have to disagree with
your statement that most kids live uncomplicated
lives.  Every single person (adults and children) I
know grew up with some level of dysfunction or had
some traumatic event happen in their childhoods.  Who
is to say that having Diabetes is any worse or better
than those other events?  We will never know - because
we can only live our own lives.  

I do acknowledge that to be the parent of a child with
diabetes is a different road than those of us that
have it.  You are obviously a wonderful mother to work
so diligently to make sure your son is well cared for.
 Your son is very lucky to have you.  

My parents actually dropped me off at the hospital
when I was 11 to check myself in (I got out of the car
and walked myself into admitting.)  My parents visited
me every other day for about 1/2 hour. 

Upon my mother's death this past March I discovered
all the get-well cards my friends had sent me while I
was in the hospital in 1972.  That's the only
acknowledgement I've ever known that they cared - she
saved those things for 30 years.  Maybe I can now put
that anguish to rest?

So - Sylvia, and all the other parents on this list -
you are wonderful parents who are doing a wonderful
job of taking care of your kids.  Keep fighting!!

Again - that's my opinion and I'm still sticking with
it!  :-)

-gail in denver
dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11, pumping since 1985-ish

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