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[IP] amazing posts on experiencing Diabetes

As the mother of a person with diabetes, it has been sort of amazing  to
read all the posts and opinions about whether or not diabetes is bad, a
blessing in disguise, or just an annoyance.

Diabetes is definitely a very dangerous condition, and one that can change
at any time from merely an inconvenient way of living to a life
threat...without warning. It also affects those of you who have it in ways
you may not always be aware of. For instance, I have noticed that
personality changes resulting from high or low BG are rarely acknowledged by
those who have them, though their families are often way TOO aware of the

So, although your diabetes may be of very little concern to you, it may
indeed make the lives of your nearest and dearest more difficult than they
would otherwise be. Tht is an aspect of the disease that needs to be
accepted. For instance, many of the posts on the subject in the past few
days may have been written at 53, or 275.

As  the ticklish subject of parental interest in your health, I think it is
only normal for a parent to be interested in thehealth of someone they
raised through childhood into adulthood. As a parent, I don't suddenly lose
interest in the lives of my childrenwhen they reach 18. I myself have
asthma, and I never minded when my mother was alive if she asked if I needed
to use my inhaler, or asked what my peak flows were. She has been gone many
years, and I would dearly love to hear her voice reminding  me to use my

And, speaking of asthma, I can tell you it is WAY easier to manage than
diabetes. And I can forget it for days at a time.

It seems to me that all of you will have a different was of dealing with
diabetes. And some of you have MODY, and some have Type I and some have Type
II. Some are having many problems right now, and some are having an easier
time. Some are parents or grandparents of a person with diabetes. Because
all are different, all will have different experiences. For me, reading all
the posts has been educational.

But I would ask you, no, beg you, to please treat one another with more
kindness. What does it matter to you if someone else is having an easier or
more difficult time than you are? Let them have their experience. And
especially, let them post it here. That is what this list is for. I would
ask you to please offer HELP to those who need it, and PRAISE for those who
are doing well, And ACCEPTANCE of all.  With kindness, we can change the
world in a positive way. Criticism can only hurt.

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