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Re: [IP] Re: is diabetes really that bad

It's very offensive to be called a liar by those of you who have decided that 
all people who have had diabetes over 20 years can't possibly find anything 
positive about it. This is a ridiculous statement. People's attitudes vary 
greatly in life, about diabetes and everything else. I know people who feel 
their day is ruined if they have a pimple on their face, and others w/ d and 
other chronic illnesses who feel lucky and grateful to be alive every day 
that they are.  I have been diabetic for 28 years, since age 3, and feel that 
being diabetic has made me compassionate, because I did experience pain and 
sadness and a certain loss of health at an early age. But my childhood was 
still filled with lots of joy and creativity and excitement about life. The d 
also made me a more reliable person. Having to check sugars and give shots, 
and eat at set times, was a pain at times, but forced me to be responsible at 
an early age. I think it has also helped me to cope with many things in my 
life. When I have had to face the deaths of close family members, while 
incredibly saddened, I think d has given me a certain perspective about life 
and how fragile and precious it is, and it has helped me to handle these very 
tough times. Some may say I'm "lying" or "in denial", but really, people 
shouldn't make such sweeping generalizations, and try and accept that it's 
okay for others to have a different point of view, even if it doesn't 
coincide with their own.  

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